The journey starts

Where are your kids going? What does their life look like? Which parts of the world are they going to see? We like to go with them and we are prepared for anything. Because Koko Noko makes clothing for the journey of discovery of your life: life itself!

Koko Nokosnoot

One of our inspirations is the coconut. Just like an (eye) apple, it does not fall far from the tree. Yet coconuts grow on palms all over the world. How is that possible?

On adventure

That’s because the coconut is a very adventurous fruit. Coconuts float. Is one in the water? Then he ‘sails’ with the current to a new beach. The coconut dives into the deep, lets itself be carried away and is not afraid of an adventure. A world citizen of size!

The world as inspiration

Koko Noko is innovative, stubborn and curious. We get inspiration from all parts of the world. From the interior of South America to the far east. We combine urban with tribal, classic with modern.